WSTC Financial Services Limited as licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, provides personal and business loans to clients at very competitive rates.

Our Lending products are as follows:

We provide liquidity to our clients against their investments in liquid Financial Instruments domiciled with us.

Key features of the Product:

  • Access to a minimum loan amount of N1million (One million naira only)
  • Disbursement within 48 hours after completion of credit documentation
  • A minimum of 130% collateral cover
  • Competitive Interest Rate

We understand that well-governed organizations can have short / medium term financing needs. Therefore, we provide liquidity to Corporates in this regard. Our clients can access the credit facility within 48 hours after completion of credit documentation.

Key features of the product include:

  • Quick access to financing
  • Collateral (liquid financial instrument and properties)
  • Competitive Interest Rate

Our finance and operating leases are targeted at enhancing individuals and businesses acquire brand new capital assets (vehicles, generators, equipment, etc.) without unduly stretching their current financial limits.

Key features of the service include:

  • Registration of the asset in the name of WSTC Finance Limited
  • Payment for comprehensive insurance cover on assets
  • Maximum lease tenor of 36 months