Investment in WSTC's Commercial Paper

WSTC Financial Services Limited offers competitive returns and guarantees safety of clients investments in its commercial papers. The Company has over 27 years track record and currently maintains an Investment Grade rating of A3 (Short Term), Bbb- (Long Term) by Global Credit Rating (GCR).

Convenient access to investments and our quick turn-around time in service delivery have endeared us to our clients. These have set us apart amongst our peers over the years.

The benefits you enjoy from investing in our Commercial Paper include the following:

  • Competitive Interest Rates.
  • Flexibility.
  • Security of investment as WSTC prides itself on zero default rate in meeting clients' obligations.


Access to a wide range of Fixed Income Instruments

We invest in sovereign and corporate fixed income securities on behalf of our clients. We monitor and also trade in fixed income securities with investment emphasis on safety and commensurate risk-adjusted returns.